Young Jason Momoa’s Baywatch Photos Are Now a Viral Internet Meme

The Internet has come to prominence with photos of Aquaman’s star Jason Momoa since filming Baywatch Hawaii, and people are excited. The status of the actor as a sex symbol reached a new peak during his tenure at Game of Thrones, where he played the savage warlord Khal Drogo, who usually wore no shirt. But the photos of young Momoa, who started in Baywatch at the age of 19, have taken over the Internet.

Momoa has recently been in the limelight thanks to his starring role in Aquaman, a feat that has earned the praise of Superman actor Henry Cavill. Earlier this week, the film went to Wonder Woman at the box office worldwide, making it a successful DCEU outing (though it received a mixed critical reception).

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Buzzfeed’s account of the heat of Momoa’s Baywatch photos summarizes why Aquaman has temporarily taken a back seat. After all, says the owner of the site: “The young Jason Momoa – and I can not emphasize enough – I could spit in my mouth.” And it seems that the attractiveness of Momoa, which was obviously evident at every point in his career, has some crossover potential in relation to gender. In the words of Buzzfeed’s article: “Although I’m not exactly into superhero movies, I’m for Jason Momoa.” And if anyone likes the idea that the young Momoa is swimming to save people’s lives, he will probably see the Momoa a little older, saving the lives of people, this time with a beard and a trident.

Currently, the world seems to be trying to figure out what kind of movie Aquaman is. Is it like Black Panther, but with a better ending? Or is it too crowded and disappointing? Or is it, as director James Wan believes, to be considered by Oscar? Regardless of where you fall into the reception spectrum of Aquaman, there are many things that please the movie. The action is first class, the pictures are fascinating and last but not least Momoa’s attitude towards the classic hero.

It’s fun to witness the fanfare of Momoa’s pictures in the Baywatch, but it must be remembered that Momoa’s talents go beyond the realm of sexual icons. Whether as a superhero, Dothraki, or even a normal man in Road to Paloma, the film he staged, co-wrote, and produced in 2014, Momoa has consistently demonstrated its potential as an impressive actor. Let’s enjoy the frenzy with which many people have responded to the Momoa of the Bay Guardians era, but we also appreciate how he has reinvented the ancient character of Aquaman. It’s hard to decide what’s more exciting: the possibility of someone coming across more intriguing images of Momoa, or what’s next for the actor to appear on screen.