The Predator Screenwriter Hates The Super-Suit Ending

Predator scriptwriter Fred Dekker is no fan of the end of the film’s Predator killer super suit. Lately, there has been much information about the various endings planned for The Predator. Some filmed but unused variations overlap with the alien franchise. The film is currently ending with the recognition of humanity that the mysterious Fugitive Prudator capsule contains the Predator Killer, an Iron Man armor that can be used in battle against established hunters.

This end was a short-term commitment to production and an attempt to get the audience to invest in a possible sequel. There were three more versions of this recording sequence. The capsule contained an unidentified sleeper whose face was masked by a Facehugger respirator. The next revealed that it was indeed Ellen Ripley in the pod, and the final version had an adult version of Newt by Aliens. The current end of the Predator has no links to aliens, but the fact that these labels have risen sharply in all programs that Fox seriously considered others.

The studio finally settled on the Predator Killer Superkostüm end, which was greeted with ridicule by most fans. It turns out that the co-author of The Predator does not like this scene either. Fred Dekker reveals to a fan on Facebook that he hates this element of the movie. In a comment from Facebook, Dekker wrote:

We live in a culture so chaotic that we sometimes cling to our opinions as our only voice in the noise. Or we are so married to our childhood memories of the things we love that some, when you contradict the formula, feel betrayed by any attempt to take a different approach. Despite all the sincerity, I have a lot of problems with the movie (I also hate the end of the super suit!), But I’ve spent three years with it and I’ve destroyed it by venomous fans who do not have the first idea of ​​how hard it is get something in the movie screen, well … that hurts.

Dekker also talks about the general reaction to The Predator and how it hurts to have a project in which he spent three years and where the fans beat him so flat. Dekker and co-author Shane Black have tried to make The Predator a reinvention of the series and to bring new ideas into the long-standing franchise. Unfortunately, the results of mixed testing led to a large part of the film being reviewed. The main elements of the conspiracy, such as two “friendly” envoys, predators, and a group of malignant hybrid monsters, were eliminated, and during the reissues a more traditional battle scene was added to the final act in a forest.

It was believed that The Predator’s original cut was just too far from the series formula, so they tried to simplify the story. Despite the large number of remote images, Black doubts that an alternative cut will occur due to the cost of completing the VFX for these sequences. While the film received good publicity for its great cast, some fans reacted badly to the humor of the film and the new and controversial additions to the franchise’s history. The Predator killer scene has also been regularly described as a bad ending, and while Dekker is understandably angry at some of the film’s most toxic reactions, it’s good to see that he’s not a fan of this particular sequence either.