Forever 21 Pulls Black Panther Sweater Photo After Facing Backlash

It’s not uncommon for big stores to try to create goods related to pop culture. In any case, Forever 21 recently had to take one of these articles from its website, which showed a Black Panther sweater with the inscription “Wakanda Forever” after the complaints. You can take a look at the goods below.

I am not sure how the copyright works in such cases, as the Forever 21 sweater is currently not in Disney Parks. This is in no case the reason for the complaints. Black Panther was a great movie to give the MCU variety, and the concern seems to be more for the sweater-related images than for the sweater.

As you can see above, someone involved in Forever 21 introduced a “Wakanda Forever” pullover in a white model that caused Internet people to take over the company’s job.

When you switch to the Men’s Fashion section of the Forever 21 website, the same model will appear on the Men’s Fashion page again and again. It’s probably a case where the store does a lot of photos at once (other models are used in a similar way), but considering that Forever 21 has a portfolio of different models, it’s somewhat surprising that the company has this model selected the sweater “Wakanda Forever”.
Occasionally, people get into the hot water when it comes to choosing clothing, and it seems that doing business is no exception. While the sweater is still available on the website, it will no longer be used in this case.

Black Panther is still a popular Marvel movie, months and months after its release last February, and it’s already being talked about that it could become a big candidate for the awards. Wakanda’s beloved characters soon returned to the big screen in Avengers: Infinity War and will return later for a sequel (not to mention another appearance in Avengers 4). The goods intended for the film are very popular given the right competition. One thing is for sure, it seems that the term “Wakanda Forever” will not die so quickly.