Early Cuts Of A Quiet Place Featured No Sound Whatsoever

The first horror film destroyed A Quiet Place without sound, revealed director John Krasinski. A quiet place focuses on a family struggling to survive in a post-apocalyptic world that is decimated by creatures looking for sound. The film combined this idea of ​​a high concept with real tension and emotion, with viewers increasingly attached to the difficult situation of this family. A Quiet Place turned out in 2018 as a surprise success with a sequel that lights up quickly.

The past year turned out to be of outstanding quality for fans of horror. Films like A Quiet Place, Hereditary and Annihilation, which emphasize personality development and emotions just as much as fear. While the genre has never disappeared, it is currently experiencing a golden age in which the horror enjoys both blockbuster and critical reviews. Get Out of 2017 received several Oscar nominations. Jordan Peele received an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay, and A Quiet Place received a nomination nomination for the 2019 ceremony.

A quiet place is characterized by the fact that he presents barely spoken dialogues and trusts pictures to tell the story. Since much of the story works without sound, Krasinski recently said in a conversation with The New York Times that his first film cuts had no tone.

The truth is that I made it exactly in the first month of editing. On the first or the second day, I played with my editor different sounds to match it. And we were silent, which could have been five weeks. The first cut and the second cut were made without sound. I had to be able to connect with these characters without anything else.

One hundred percent, and that sounds super presumptuous, but it’s true. Even in the silence there was so much communication. I did not think our movie would be so commercially accepted because at the beginning of “There Will Be Blood” Paul Thomas Anderson was the only time I saw someone watching a movie without spoken dialogues. The first 12 to 14 minutes in which Daniel Day-Lewis did not speak were a big touchstone for me.

The intent of this first silent cut was to see if the movie worked emotionally if it had no sound, but it is doubtful that the studio was considering starting the movie this way. Since A Quiet Place tries to protect the main characters from noise, it makes sense that the movie is mostly silent. However, there are also important dialogue scenes for families that would not work without the sound. To make viewers curious about how the film works in this way, they can always watch the movie at home with muted sound.

A quiet place does not really end in the background, but the uncontrolled success of the movie virtually guarantees that it will happen. Krasinski was initially reluctant to return, but is currently on board to write the script for the sequel, claiming it will focus on the world, not necessarily the recurring characters or monsters. Krasinski recently announced that he had played the monster in A Quiet Place and created a motion capture suit to give an indication of how evil creatures must move and act.