Black Panther & A Quiet Place Among PGA Best Picture Nominees

Black Panther and A Quiet Place are among the 10 films nominated for the Daryl F. Zanuck Award by the Producers Guild of America for Best Producer of Theatrical Imagery. This is the award for the best film in the organization. As most moviegoers know, the Awards season is in full swing over the past two months, with many Oscar predecessors considering and naming their options as the best films. Unlike in recent years, there are several key categories open, which is why moviegoers look with great interest to see which films and performances are going on.

The acting career recently gained clarity as the Screen Actors Guild announced their nominations. Typically, the various guilds in the industry are the strongest predictors of the upcoming Oscars, as the choice between them and the Oscars tends to be large. This meant that the producer guild nominations were eagerly awaited, and now we know which films are really fighting for the Best Movie win.

Today, the PGA announced its nominations (Hat Top Variety). Many of these titles are familiar to those who knew the race from the start, but there are a few surprises that are well thrown. Below is the full list of Best Movie nominees:

It could be said that the most blatant rejection order on this list is Barry Jenkins’ If Beale Street Could Talk, which received much criticism and received some important mentions at the beginning of the season. Obviously, he had difficulty connecting with many election awards. Regina King was a remarkable omission from SAG’s Best Supporting Actress, so hopes for the Beale Street Awards have been a considerable success lately. The last time the PGA did not recognize the winner of the best Oscar film (either by winning or nominating) was in 1995, when the PGA simply named Apollo 13 the best movie without mentioning any other candidate. Therefore, the story dictates that one of these ten films will receive the highest award on Oscar Sunday. There are still many campaigns, but the field is shrinking.

As with all Oscar precursors, there will likely be some outliers of PGA nominations. For example, films such as Molly’s Game, I, Tonya, and Wonder Woman competed for the Zanuck Prize last year, but they could not decode the Oscar lineup. Presumably, one or two of them will be overlooked by the Academy in favor of Beale Street or First Man. Therefore it will be interesting to see how things develop from here.

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