Aquaman Helped Warner Bros. Score Its Highest Box Office Ever In 2018

Thanks to films like Aquaman, Warner Bros. had its biggest box office in the world in 2018. As powerful and powerful as Disney is, Mouse House is not the only Hollywood star in today’s studio landscape. , , WB has long been one of Disney’s biggest competitors, and that goes way back before Marvel Studios was acquired by WB’s own comics company DC Films. And as profitable as 2018 was for Disney, WB also did well at the box office.

The year 2018, however, was a good year for WB, especially when it came to the international box office. For example, Aquaman has already raised more than $ 600 million in box office worldwide and nearly $ 850 million, less than two weeks after its premiere in that state. It was not the only worldwide success for WB in the past year, so the studio could beat one of its own box-offices in 2018.

According to Variety, Warner Bros. had $ 5.6 billion in ticket sales at the box-office in 2018. This represents a new annual record for the studio, although overall national turnover has actually declined compared to previous years (more on that soon)). Of course, in 2018 Disney had an even bigger year. He managed to raise at the global box office 7.3 billion US dollars, which, thanks to its record of 7.6 billion US dollars from 2016, was far too short big hits like Black Panther and Avenges Marvel Studios. : Infinite war. Nevertheless, WB gave the mouse a good start for the money (literally).

It was above all the international box office that saved WB 2018 from a disappointing year at its domestic box office. A Star is Born was the only WB movie to gross $ 200 million in the United States in 2018 (Aquaman will cross that threshold this weekend). While low-budget movies such as Crazy Rich Asia, Ocean’s Eight, and The Nun won more than $ 100 million in the United States, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald and up to $ 156 million fought the same date Way, Ready Player One and Rampage accounted for two-thirds to three-quarters of their box office outside the states, making them profitable in the process. Even Tomb Raider increased its disappointing national investment of $ 58 million almost four times.

Another important factor for WB was the variety of his films from 2018. Of course, Aquaman is the youngest in a growing line of successful superhero tent poles, yet it was characterized by its generic elements of retreat. The other adaptations of the comics started in 2018. Likewise the largest films of WB world-wide. The box office has varied from romantic comedies (Crazy Rich Asians) to huge giant shark movies (The Meg) and melodrama romantics (A Star is Born), supernatural horror films (The Nun), and so on. among which the audience likes to have a versatile combination of entertainment options to choose from (as obvious as it may seem). With a similarly diverse selection of films for 2019, WB also appears to be in good shape over the next twelve months.