A Quiet Place Star Emily Blunt Knows ‘The Basics’ Of The Sequel

Emily Blunt has announced that she knows “the basics” of the upcoming sequel to “A Quiet Place 2,” currently written by her co-star and real husband John Krasinski, who also co-wrote the first movie. At the time of the release, A Quiet Place was a hit for film and critics. Therefore, it was not surprising when Paramount announced a follow-up to the post-apocalyptic horror thriller that will be released in May 2020.

In a world occupied by aliens, a quiet place where members of society seek to fight for the world is decimated by living beings seeking sound. The film focuses on the Abbott family and their attempts to keep their children alive by suppressing the use of clay. Blunt Stars Evelyn, the family matriarch, while Krasinski played Patriarch Lee. The rest of the cast consisted of Millicent Simmonds, Noah Jupe, Leon Russom and Cade Woodward. Not much is known about the next sequel, but Blunt has stated that he knows something about the project.

Related: John Krasinski reveals that he was playing Monster in a quiet placeIn an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Blunt said she knows “the basics” of A Quiet Place 2, but what’s included is still unknown. Blunt joked that she knew all about the sequel before clarifying that Krasinski was still working hard on the script. However, once Krasinski finishes the script, she is confident that she will learn more details. When asked about the sequel, Blunt said:

“I know everything, I know everything, no, I know enough, but he also writes, so he’s in such a whirlpool and then I’m sure I’ll read things someday, but I know the basics.”

No specific details on the story were announced, but the only concrete detail that became known about the project is that it will not be a traditional sequel. Krasinski has suggested that he can focus on another family, but that does not mean that Blunt and his other stars are not presented, as the Abbotts always have the opportunity to return. Recently, Krasinski announced that he would like to direct A Quiet Place 2 when all goes well, although it has not yet been confirmed.

A quiet place 2 needs more than a year for his theatrical version. If the script is not completed, fans should wear the seatbelt for a long time before communicating the details of the plot. Although Blunt seems to know more than the general public, it also seems that Krasinski keeps his plans under wraps until the script is completed. It remains to be seen whether or not he will be up to the exaggeration after the first film, but his chances seem hopeful given the talent behind the scenes.